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Welcome to Sustainergy

Sustainergy specialise in electrical Solar PV and Wind power, and offer the following services within this field:
  1. Installation / service (grid-connect or stand-alone)
  2. Retail (mail-order)
  3. System design
  4. Educational (teaching & workshops)

Latest news: The government constantly monitors the Feed In Tariff or FIT's for SOLAR PV, lowering the rate periodically, however, due to panel price reductions, we can now fit fully installed ALL-EUROPEAN PV systems which achieve 10% tax-free returns and 10 year payback: Basically you get paid a high rate for each unit (KWh) of Solar PV or Wind electricity that you generate - even if you use it yourself! This tariff makes Wind & PV Solar systems extremely viable: Payback is now 6-10 years, after that it's tax-free profit.

All domestic renewable systems installed by SUSTAINERGY are eligible for FIT's as we are MCS accredited and only use MCS accredited equipment.

- For more info please see www.fitariffs.co.uk

5-Star Reviews! Our customers have always given us really good reviews: Yell.com (Yellow Pages) customers have given us five stars out of five, see comments here: www.yell.com

Here is just one example:"The service from Sustainergy was excellent. My solar array was installed efficiently, on time and with no complaints. Bob proved to be friendly, enthusiastic, extremely knowledgeable and thorough, and was able to design a tailor made system for my circumstance. He has reliably answered any queries I have had since, although there haven't been many of these as the system has worked exactly as he said it would with no problems arising. I would heartily recommend Sustainergy to anyone considering renewable energy."
Products and services

Sustainergy’s fundamental service is designing and installing Solar and Wind powered electrical systems, usually comprising of PV solar panels, wind turbines, control equipment and some specialist appliances (storage batteries for stand alone/off-grid systems).

Stand-alone/off-grid system installations involve providing an electricity supply to a building that previously either had none or relied on unsatisfactory power means (e.g. A house on the top of a mountain, noisy diesel generators or constantly interrupted supply).

With the Governments Feed In Tariff (FIT's) programme SUSTAINERGY concentrates much attention on PV solar roofs, and did indeed install the FIRST DOMESTIC GRID-CONNECT PV SYSTEM (2KW) in West Wales. SUSTAINERGY works along side DECC/DTI’s regulating authorities to ensure that all PV installations are to the latest standards, both in terms of safety and performance. SUSTAINERGY are MCS accredited installers for both grid-connected and stand-alone (battery) PV Solar systems.

Associated with the MCS, SUSTAINERGY are also accredited Wind Turbine installers (having installed the first UK wind system through the Clear Skies scheme – for the explorer "Bear Grylls" on his North Wales island).

The business offers its technical expertise to schools and colleges who are interested in teaching this growing technology, and we also train up the end-user to be able to perform much of the annual service work.

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