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Wind systems from Sustainergy


Wind turbines capture the winds kinetic energy and transform it into usable electricity. The rotation of the turbine drives an alternator which generates electrical power. This power then either runs in parallel with the national grid (and powers the house as normal) OR charges a bank of batteries (for off-grid properties).

Wind turbines are more difficult to install than PV’s but they do generate more power in the winter when it is most usually needed, and are also far more cost effective in terms of payback. However wind energy is generally less reliable during late summer months - for this reason off-grid systems often use a WIND/PV hybrid system, with the wind turbine providing most of the winter power (and PV providing summer power).

Photo: 6KW turbine on 15m tower on a farm in Carmarthen.

Although they have moving parts, Wind Turbines are more reliable than ever in terms of wear, with easily available and replaceable spares: Maintenance is minimal (and easily possible as DIY). Planning approval will almost always be required for domestic turbines (>100W).

Approx. grid-connected prices for Wind turbines:

5 KW ------ £24,000 } + VAT @ 5% & delivery

Payback period tends to be between 3-10 years depending on the site, and the design life of the turbines is 20+ years.

EVANCE R9000 turbine

Sustainergy are now Welsh installers for the EVANCE R9000 turbine - this is a particularly efficient British made turbine which has been around for several years now and uses very modern pitch optimising technology.

There are hundreds installed in the UK and this number has grown and grown as it becomes chief rival to the Proven 6KW. The R9000 has been tested on the islands of Scotland and is very robust. Its best quality is efficiency at lower wind speeds sites where it comfortably out performs it rivals. The build quality of the Evance R9000 is excellent, with precise engineering based on large scale wind farm turbines.

For further information see Evance R9000

PROVEN Proven 11 (6KW) turbine

Sustainergy were one of the first Welsh distributors for Proven (now Kingspan) turbines - the Proven 11 (6KW) is a simple and extremely tough Scottish made turbine, initially designed for extreme wind sites in the Outer Hebrides.

There have been thousands installed all over the world since it came on the market in 1998.

SUSTAINERGY are MCS / Low Carbon Buildings fully accredited installers

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