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For many years now small-scale domestic and commercial WIND TURBINE grid connected systems have proven themselves to be increasingly viable means of generating clean electricity AND providing a steady income.

After much negotiating with both DTI and electricity distribution companies during the last few years it has been agreed that turbines up to 6KW can be very easily connected to the grid to export electricity and receive an income. The (hard fought for) G83 recommendation gives anyone permission (hassle free) to connect a generator to the national grid provided it has been type tested.

As with PV systems the system owner is paid both for the total electricity generated (18p/KWh) AND for any exported (4.64p/KWh using special export meter or 50% assumption). Instead of exporting you can 'dump' any surpus power into heating and thus both reduce heating bills AND heat your house with renewables!

In order to connect in parallel to your existing supply a special inverter (called a Windy Boy) is used to synchronise the varying voltage from the turbine to the stable grid supply. This G83 approved Windy Boy is designed and built in Germany, and individually programmed on-site to optimise the amount of power exported to the grid using complex algorithms as well as ensuring network safety by disconnecting if the grid fails or becomes unstable. Unfortunately at present the inverter is NOT able to power the house during a power cut, and the turbine is left to 'free wheel' harmlessly until the power is resumed.

For more information on grid connected wind turbine systems please contact us.

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